Online Home Staging Course

Online Home Staging Class Overview

This online home staging course is designed to teach you how to succeed as a home staging professional. You’ll start with an introduction to home presentation. From there, you’ll learn the importance of staging a home to sell, then review the different types of projects home stagers are involved in. The online home staging class will allow you to study interior design basics, including color, furniture, lighting and space planning. Finally, you’ll receive training in the business skills necessary for career success.

All students in our online course gain access to a professional home stager. This mentor is there to give you feedback on your work as you move through the program. As you work through the home staging course, you will complete a series of projects. These are designed to put your skills to the test, and you will graduate with a portfolio of work you can be proud of.

This online home staging course is approved by the Designer Society of America (DSA). That means our students can apply for their Certified Home Staging Professional (CHSP) designation. This industry certification is great for students looking to turn their new skills into a thriving career.

Designer Society of America
Certified Home Staging Professional

What You'll Learn in the Online Home Staging Course

After completing the Home staging course, students will be able to:

  • Outline the basic elements and concepts of home staging.
  • Explain the importance of staging a home to sell and the different types of projects a home stager would be involved in.
  • Present a home for sale by enhancing the appearance and have an impact on its sale.
  • Arrange furniture and highlight the best features of a home and minimize its faults.
  • Apply the basics of interior design- including color, furniture, lighting and space planning.
  • Discuss the importance of relationships and client interaction.
  • Breakdown the business skills necessary for career success as a professional.
  • Develop personal design preference and apply skills associated with becoming a home staging professional.

What You Get in the Online Home Staging Class

  • 6 units of course materials— lessons and HD video available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A professional Home Stager as your mentor— there to help you improve, provide technical support, and review your work as you move through the course
  • Access to our student forum— an online community to discuss courses, get answers to your questions, and share your photos
  • Up to 18 months to complete the online home staging course at your own pace
  • 14 days to review the home staging course risk-free— full refunds offered in first two weeks after enrollment
  • Home Staging Certificate of Completion delivered upon graduation
Read the Video Transcript

The New York Institute of Art and Design’s new course in Home Staging is the only comprehensive online course you will find. Follow career home stage Cindy Lynn, an expert with years of knowledge and experience running her own home staging business, as she takes you through the process of staging homes- from consultation to completion. Cindy will demonstrate how to present a home to its best advantage. Learn to identify and show the purpose of each room, disguise flaws and stress strengths. Appeal to buyers at all levels and build your reputation as a home stager who adds substantial value to real estate transactions. Complete your course in a matter of months and apply for the national home staging certification from the designer society of America- the credentials don’t get any better. Our online course provides the flexibility busy people need. Study anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. And though our course is online, you’ll have access to a home staging expert mentor who will provide invaluable feedback on your projects. Follow in Cindy’s lead and become the certified home stager you want to be - enroll today.

Individual Home Staging Classes

Learn how to become a home stager in our online training course. From an introduction to home staging all the way through starting your own business, our home staging classes help you accelerate your career and earn a home staging certification online from anywhere.

  • Unit 1
  • Unit 2
  • Unit 3
  • Unit 4
  • Unit 5
  • Unit 6

Unit 1 Understanding Home Staging

  • Lesson 1.1 Introduction to Home Presentation

    In Lesson 1.1: Introduction to Home Presentation, we'll start by going over the history of home staging and the importance of home staging in real estate. Once you understand the importance of home staging, we'll start to look at the difference between home staging and decorating. You will learn about the home staging industry and the opportunities in the business and understand the central roles associated with the home staging process. Once you know this, you will be able to identify the different types of projects a home stager would be involved in.

  • Lesson 1.2 Elements of Home Staging

    In Lesson 1.2: Elements of Home Staging, you will develop a basic knowledge of the scope of a professional home staging project. Once you know this, we will go over what is required of you in order to work with real estate agents, companies, and homeowners directly.

  • Lesson 1.3 Psychology of Staging

    In Lesson 1.3: Psychology of Staging, we will start by informing you about the purpose of home staging and why it exists. Once you understand the thinking behind the demographic and psychographic analysis, you will see how it pertains to home staging.

Unit 2 Basic Concepts

  • Lesson 2.1 Eye of the Designer

    In Lesson 2.1: Eye of the Designer, we will start by going over the decorating relationships of suitability in function, cost, mood, style, and harmony. Once you recognize the different home design home styles, you will know when and where they may or may not be combined. You will successfully curate a catalog of furniture, furnishings, and room treatments based on style, mood, type, and function.

  • Lesson 2.2 Design Concepts

    In Lesson 2.2: Design Concepts, you will apply design solutions to decorating problems using the elements of design. Once you have an understanding of the elements of design, you will begin to develop a personal taste in design, and tailor a home design to a suitable style.

  • Lesson 2.3 Understanding Color

    In Lesson 2.3: Understanding Color, you will develop a fundamental understanding of color and the usage of color in decorating. Once you know this, you will be able to apply color treatments to home decor and solve color treatment problems.

Unit 3 Decorating Concepts

  • Lesson 3.1 Furniture Arrangement

    In Lesson 3.1: Furniture Arrangement, we will begin with the fundamentals of furniture arrangement. You will use the room and wall axis to create a room plan for furniture arrangement. Once you know this, you will move on to create a staging plan. You will then use your staging plan in the practical application of home staging for an individual room in a home.

  • Lesson 3.2 Light and Accessory

    In Lesson 3.2: Light and Accessory, you will develop a knowledge of how lighting and accessories are used in home decorating. Once you know this, you will utilize light and furnishing to best effect when dealing with practical home staging problems.

  • Lesson 3.3 Photography for Home Staging

    In Lesson 3.3: Photography for Home Staging, we will go over the fundamentals of photography as it pertains to interior architectural photography. Once you have a working knowledge of photography, you can begin photographing home staging projects.

Unit 4 Staging Application

  • Lesson 4.1 Declutter and Depersonalize

    In Lesson 4.1: Declutter and Depersonalize, we will go over why and how to clear a house of clutter and personal objects. Once you know this, we will go over cost-effective ways to clean and touch up a home.

  • Lesson 4.2 Staging Room by Room

    In Lesson 4.2: Staging Room by Room, we will go over particular concerns associated with each room of the home in regards to home staging. Once you fully understand this, you will be able to solve common home design and decorating problems in a home being staged. You will be able to cost efficiently and effectively stage each room of the home using the acquired decorating and design knowledge combined with practical application logic.

  • Lesson 4.3 Architectural Details

    In Lesson 4.3 Color Schemes, we're ready to select the specific colors to use in our color scheme. Every room you design will be built around a color scheme. The ultimate objective of all your study of color theory is to enable you to use your wonderful sense of color to produce appealing color schemes, and now we start to put this knowledge into practice.

  • Lesson 4.4 Window Treatments

    In Lesson 4.4: Architectural Details, you will develop an understanding of the different floor, wall, and window treatments available. You will also apply your understanding of window, wall, and floor treatments to a home staging project.

Unit 5 Project Management

  • Lesson 5.1 Harmony

    In Lesson 5.1: Professional Relationships, we will go over how to work with clients, whether they are homeowners or real estate agents, on home staging projects. Once you have an understanding on basic business etiquette, we will work on growing working relationships with myriad roles in the home staging process.

  • Lesson 5.2 Project Management

    In Lesson 5.2: Project Management, you will develop an understanding on the home staging process starting with initial client interactions down to the final payment. Once you know this, we will go over how to initiate a professional home staging project from start to finish.

  • Lesson 5.3 Contracts

    In Lesson 5.3: Contracts, we will start with knowing the estimate on a home staging project, how to invoice your work, and the process of setting up a contract. Once you know this, we will continue with the elements of a home staging contract its requirements. Once you have an understanding of all this, you will draft your own home staging contract terms based on project variables associated with home staging.

Unit 6 Professional Development

  • Lesson 6.1 Starting a Home Staging Business

    In Lesson 6.1: Starting a Home Staging Business, you develop a working knowledge of the scope of starting and running a home staging business. Once you understand the skills required of a home stager in a professional environment, we will breakdown the financial considerations posed to active business owners. You will know the types of insurance a home stager might require and the necessary tools to insure their own business. Then you will develop a business plan for a home staging business. Once you know the essential business concepts required to succeed as a small business owner, we will go over the effective promotion techniques and solutions to create the best advantage possible in a competitive market.

  • Lesson 6.2 Pricing and Promotion

    In Lesson 6.2: Pricing and Promotion, we will start with the components of pricing and how to price based on practical variables of the home and market. Then we will go over the particular aspects of portfolio presentation and how they apply to a home staging body of work. Once you understand this, you can move on to create an online portfolio of your existing work. We will also go over the ethics of image sharing and how it's applied to the home staging professional.

  • Lesson 6.3 Industry Insights

    In Lesson 6.3: Industry Insights, we will discuss how to analyze income potential and growth in different home staging markets.

Home Staging Training Tuition

Receive expert home staging training with NYIAD for far less than you’d pay at a residential school. Our comprehensive home staging training curriculum and award-winning mentorship provides you with top notch education at a fraction of the cost.

Two Payment Plans to Choose From

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That means there's no reason to hesitate.

Home Staging CHSP Certification

NYIAD's Home Staging Course has been certified by Designer Society of America. Our Students and Graduates are eligible for DSA's Certified Home Staging Professional (CHSP).

Designer Society of America is an organization for fellow professionals and trade partners. It is a society for and about home stagers, and is in contact with over 32,000 professionals, showrooms and other industry members. Founded in 1999, DSA strives to give a voice to individuals in the industry. It is open to residential home stagers, space planners, kitchen and bath designers, re-designers, and the trade companies that serve them. They provide a community for those in the home staging field. They offer networking opportunities, consultations, and promotion. This best-in-class industry designation is a must for aspiring home stagers.

Why CHSP Certification

  • Earn a Respected Certification - Receiving a CHSP certification shows your colleagues, potential clients, and the public a serious commitment to your chosen career and your ability to perform.
  • Enhance Your Professional Image - The CHSP certification exam seeks to grow, promote, and develop certified professionals. Certified professionals are held up as examples of excellence in the industry.
  • Greater Earning Potential - CHSP certification can provide greater earning potential. In the home staging industry, certified professionals generally earn more than non-certified individuals.
  • Improve Your Skills And Knowledge - CHSP certification improves your skills and knowledge. It shows your personal competency, career involvement and dedication to ongoing education.
  • Peer Recognition - As an CHSP certified professional, you can expect increased recognition from your peers. Your colleagues will recognize you for taking that extra step in your professional development.

Steps to Home Staging Certification

  1. New students may register for certification when they enroll in our Home Staging Course
  2. Certification costs $495 (75% off) and includes one free year of membership with DSA! This is the only time that this offer will be made.
  3. Upon successful completion of our course, students must pass the CHSP exam. Then you will receive your certification and membership.

Take this important step toward the career of your dreams today! When you click the "Register Now" button below you'll be directed to our enrollment page where you can sign up for the course and add certification in Step 3.

*Note: *Students will have 5 years to complete the CHSP exam from the date of purchase. Additionally, students will have 14 days after enrollment to cancel and get a full refund. After 14 days, the certification fee becomes non-refundable.

Industry Certification

Certified Home Staging Professional (CHSP)
Designer Society of America

Become a Home Stager: Learn from the Pros

Our professional home stagers deliver expert advice and industry secrets to help students succeed in a new career. Learn from our successful home staging mentors and earn a certificate online.

  • Cindy Lin

    Cindy Lin

    Cindy founded Staged4more in early 2006. During her 10+ years in the industry, she has received many notable accolades. These include the Make Mine a $Million Business Award, Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur Award and was a finalist for Real Estate Staging Association's Stager of the Year in 2009. Additionally, Cindy has appeared in major press outlets like the Wall Street Journal and HGTV.

  • Janet Ramin

    Janet Ramin

    anet has been a residential designer for many years. She started out in San Francisco, where she graduated from the Academy of Art with a degree in Interior Design. She began her career working on commercial mixed-use projects in the Bay Area.

  • Melissa Estrada

    Melissa Estrada

    Melissa is the Founder and Head Designer of Strada's Spaces, a residential interior design online-based firm. She holds degrees in Architectural Studies and Interior Architecture. She has an educational focus on Sustainable Design. She became a LEED AP for Homes in 2016. She is currently incorporating Feng Shui design in her repertoire of services.

About Our Mentor Program

We are the only online school that gives you access to a professional designer who will act as your teacher and mentor.

You will benefit from a personal relationship just like you would get in the classroom. Our mentors are there to answer your questions via phone or email at every turn.

In addition, you will submit projects throughout the course which will be evaluated by your teacher. They are there to help you improve as you master the craft.