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Person looking through paint swatches.

By Laura Amendola on April 16 2024.

Starting a new career in interior design can be exciting! If you’re ready to make this move but aren’t sure where to start, fear not! We’ve put together…
Green sitting room with large artwork above a sideboard and pink chair.

By: Laura Amendola on March 14 2024.

The new year is already flying by, and, as spring approaches, you might be feeling like it’s time to refresh your home. There are a ton of trends…
Photo of pink home décor to illustrate the Barbiecore trend.

By: Lauren Ambrosio on September 29 2023.

It’s time to answer this season’s most burning question: What’s your design aesthetic: are you a Barbie or a Ken? Do you see yourself living amongst sparkles, plush…
Photo of an eclectic living room illustrating summer home décor trends for 2023.

By: Lauren Ambrosio on August 14 2023.

Summer is a season of change and renewal, a time when we naturally find ourselves eager to refresh our living spaces. As the sun brightens our days and…