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7 AutoCAD Careers You Might Be Great At

By Michelle Ecker on March 08, 2017

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online AutoCAD classes and because we do, we like to provide free tips for aspiring planners. Enjoy!

7 AutoCAD Careers You Might Be Great At
  1. Electrical drafters- In this role, you would create diagrams that show where wiring setups would be laid out. The diagrams you made would then be used by the people who repair and install electrical equipment and wiring throughout different buildings.
  2. Aeronautical drafters- In this profession, you would make the drawings that demonstrate engineering details that professionals would then use when manufacturing airplanes, missiles, etc.
  3. Mechanical drafters- These AutoCAD experts create extremely detailed drafts to show how mechanical devices and machines will be laid out. These drawings include methods of fastening, dimensions and other specifications.
  4. Civil drafters- In this career, you will create topography and relief maps that civil engineers will then reference throughout their various projects (like the construction and planning of bridges, water and sewage systems, highways, etc.).
  5. Architectural drafters- These drafters are responsible for the creation of diagrams of buildings, which are then used in construction jobs.
  6. Process drafters- In this role, you will create diagrams that are used in gas and oil refineries as well as piping systems and chemical plants.
  7. Electronics drafters- In this unique career, you will draw diagrams for assembling circuit boards and for wiring to be used in electronic device manufacturing and repair.

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