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Life of a Jewelry Designer: The Key to Success

By Michelle Ecker on November 09, 2015

Serena Van Rensselaer was originally a student of Art History and Cultural Anthropology, but while studying abroad in San Miguel D’Allende, she discovered her untapped passion and aptitude for jewelry design. She is now an inspired creator, perceptive businesswomen and shrewd gallery manager in Manhattan’s picturesque Soho neighborhood. We recently visited Serena’s gallery and spent the afternoon speaking with her about the industry.

Here is part seventeen of our series, “Life of a Jewelry Designer.”

Life of a Jewelry Designer: The Key to Success

To conclude the final installment of this series, we asked Serena to share one chiefly important piece of advice for our students and for all aspiring jewelry designers worldwide. Here’s what she shared:

“The most important tool you’ll need in this industry is a belief in yourself, an inner strength and a dedication.

This work is rewarding and extremely fulfilling for those who stick with it- so don’t let rejection devastate you. Continue to put your work out there and share it with others. If people say no- if they say it’s not the right vision or the perfect fit, that’s okay. You have to be prepared for that.

Practice your craft and channel your creative vision as a part of your daily life. Work on your storyboards; get creative with your business cards and packaging. Reorganize your window display or update your store. If you want to take on the career of a designer, prepare yourself for an extremely fulfilling life of innovation and unique style- and allow that eccentric stylist to shine through every single day.”

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