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Here’s Why It’s Important to Take Personal Days

By Michelle Ecker on February 05, 2020

Here’s Why It’s Important to Take Personal Days

If you’re a creative professional specializing in something like interior design or wedding planning, you might find yourself in the position of being able to ‘be your own boss.’ 

Many designers and planners opt to start their own businesses rather than work under a larger firm because it gives them more freedom to make their own schedule and follow their own design visions without having to answer to anyone higher up. But sometimes without the guidance of a manager to tell us how much to work and when to go home, we can fall down the slippery slope of overworking ourselves. While launching your own business is an extremely rewarding endeavor and one that certainly requires lots of hard work, there are plenty of reasons why it’s equally important to make time for yourself to relax. 

You Need to Mentally Reset 

If you push your mind to get tons of work done day in and day out without taking time off to relax, eventually your body will push back as it needs the break it deserves. You might find this manifesting as stress, anxiety and various other symptoms of weakening mental health. It’s not worth sacrificing your well being in order to cram a few extra projects in on a Saturday afternoon. Instead, take a walk, go do some shopping, or do another activity that helps you relax and feel good about your yourself. You will find yourself getting better work done in the long run as a result. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), scientific research consistently shows a number of significant health benefits as a result of taking vacation time- things like improved productivity, lower stress and reportedly more stable mental health.

Have Fewer, More Productive Work Days 

Many modern, forward-thinking companies such as Google are embracing studies such as the SHRM’s that point to the benefits of taking breaks and working less. 

Google is well known for a specific policy in which they encourage employees to take days off in order to pursue personal projects and side interests. Management within the company has shared that they feel some of the best innovations brought to Google by their employees are a direct product of this flexible time off policy- they truly feel employee’s minds function more optimally and healthily when given ample time to relax and wander to personal interests. 

Prioritize Your Personal Life 

Part of the reason the New York Institute of Art and Design values the self-paced, work from home study model we offer our students is because we consistently hear positive feedback about our students’ ability to keep their friends and family central to routine, even while working and being in school. 

When you try to do too many things- balancing a job with your education, trying to launch and maintain your own successful business, important things like spending time with our family and friends often fall to the wayside of our schedules. This isn’t healthy. After graduating, it’s important for our small creative business owners to prioritize this as well. Taking time off and using personal days to relax with family and friends isn’t lazy, it’s a healthy way to maintain balance and avoid burning out. 

Always Reach Out 

If you’re a student or graduate of NYIAD and you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with your school or work schedule and not sure how to adjust, never hesitate to reach out to your mentor for guidance. 

If you are a student, our mentors can help you coordinate a healthy study schedule and plan to get work done while still making time for rest. If you’re a graduate trying to launch your own business, remember- all of our mentors have been there. All of the New York Institute of Art and Design mentors are small business owners and working professionals themselves. They know what you are going through and can offer guidance that comes from personal experience in the industry. Never hesitate to reach out at 1-800-583-1742 when you find yourself in need of extra help. 

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