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What’s The Average Interior Design Salary?

By Michelle Ecker on March 23, 2021

What’s The Average Interior Design Salary?

If you want to become a professional interior designer, one of your first questions might be about how much you can expect to be paid in this field once you start working. Especially if you are considering investing in your interior design education, it makes sense that you would like to get a sense of how much return you can expect on that investment before you dive in. 

How much are interior designers paid? 

The BLS’s most recent report states that the average interior design salary in the US is $56,040 per year, while some of the higher paid designers earned a reported average of $96,470. 

According to 2020Spaces, if you’re starting out in the industry, your interior design hourly rate will vary between $75-$125 per hour. If you have several years of experience under your belt, you can charge upwards of $150 per hour. “The downside of charging your client per hour is that it’s difficult to offer an estimate from the beginning of the project,” 2020Spaces shares. “If you’re experienced, you can come up with a good estimate depending on the size of the project, but if you’re just starting out, it will be more challenging.” 

How much does it cost to learn interior design?

If you’re trying to weigh your potential income against how much you’re preparing to spend on your interior design training, you can get a good sense of the return on your investment. 

The cost of a NYIAD course depends on which course you are enrolling in, whether or not NYIAD is running a special offer, and which payment plan you opt into.  

Considering all those factors, the cost of NYIAD programs currently runs anywhere from $559-$1,359. For a full, updated list of the cost of all NYIAD programs on any given day, you can check the special offers page on our website. These courses are all taken online at your own pace, but you will receive feedback (grading, audio feedback recordings) from real teachers. You’re given up to 18 months to finish your program, but most students finish somewhere around one year. 

To quote the blogger and photographer behind NYC’s York Avenue Blog (she took NYIAD’s interior design course),  

“The entire (NYIAD) program cost a little over $1200. For comparison’s sake, the New York School of Interior Design costs $915 PER CREDIT. Their Basic Interior Design program is 24 credits. 24 times 915 = a little under $22,000. Yikes.” 

Get started at NYIAD 

If you’re thinking about getting started as an interior design student at NYIAD, you will be covered by our 14 day no-risk refund policy when you enroll. You can try your course for up to 14 days, and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will refund every penny, no questions asked. You can enroll and get started online or call 1-800-583-1742 to get started over the phone with one of our student services representatives.

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