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Thinking Outside the Box When Packaging Your Jewelry

By Haley Mindes on November 17, 2016

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers an online jewelry design course and because we do, we like to provide free tips for aspiring designers. Enjoy!

Photo by Rachel Chew, Jewelry by Elephantine

When it comes to your handcrafted jewelry, packaging appeal is not only an added bonus to please your customer, but you are assuring that your piece will be received in the style you want. Displaying your work with a walk away business card is a resourceful way to brand your name with your packaging. Most people are completely thrilled if you relieve them of the packaging part of the gift giving process. This is a great opportunity to do it for them while including your business name.

Carrie Hill Photograph on Clover Market

Literally thinking outside the box can help you create packaging that is unique to you. You may even be able to find items around your house that are in keeping with your work. No matter what type of card you choose to use, keeping them in a wooden box will help keep your table clean and make your customer feel welcome to flip through the merchandise.

Thinking Outside the Box When Packaging Your Jewelry

That does not mean you have to spend a lot on materials. Something as simple as a small paper bag with holes punched through it and tied closed with a pretty ribbon is clean and thoughtful. Personalizing it with an ink stamp or a business card is all you need to make it feel finished.

Supply Crate on Etsy Kids At Heart Designs on Etsy

Have you ever purchased something packaged so well that you could not wait to give it as a gift? That is ideally what you want your customers to feel like. If your item is fun to give, and receive, it will be remembered. These match book boxes by Kids At Heart Designs can be decorated any way you want.

JJB Studio

Using a business card tent as a way to display your work is not only a great way to stand your jewelry up for a table display at a show, but it also allows you to create a quick take away sale at a busy craft show. You may want to make sure the price is not permanently written on the card if it is to be given as a gift.

PHaley M packaging

In unit 5 of the NYIAD jewelry design course you will learn about packaging your designs. I have chosen to use screw top tins with a sticker for my packaging. Many of my pieces are mailed out in bubble mailers. In order to minimize the risk of pieces getting crushed in the mail the look and protection of the tins work well for me.

Creatively packaged jewelry adds value in the eyes of customers. It also makes them want to come back for more. Think about your presenting and packaging your work in a way that reinforces your brand.

Want to learn more? The New York Institute of Art and Design offers an online jewelry design course that can teach you how to create and sell your own unique line of jewelry. Request your free course catalog today!

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