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How To Plan Vacation Outfits

By Michelle Ecker on August 07, 2017

How To Plan Vacation Outfits

Many personal stylists are approached by clients who are looking for assistance prepping outfits for very specific functions. From parties and work gatherings to weddings and special trips, there are plenty of particular events people often need guidance dressing for. One of our favorites to help with? Vacation looks. Getting started, there are a few very general guidelines we suggest you adhere to when it comes to offering clients travel-worthy style tips:

Find a Functional Dress

First of all, it’s important to stick with essentials when putting together your initial travel bag. We recommend picking a basic black dress as your first item. For daytime style, you can layer a cute, loose chambray shirt and scarf overtop and pair it with sunglasses and sneakers for a comfortable, casual look. For an upscale night out the same dress can be paired with some heels and a statement necklace for an elegant, dressed-up alternative.

Don’t Forget Denim

Jeans are also a super versatile addition to any travel wardrobe. For exploring and sightseeing during the afternoon, they can pair with a basic tank, long beaded necklace and pair of casual sneakers like converse or Adidas for a simple, on the go look. At nighttime, you can pull out that same pair of heels we mentioned in the previous example and swap out the tank for a flowy, dressier blouse for a flirty, sophisticated evening look.

Small Glam Updates

Especially if your client doesn’t have a ton of suitcase or carry-on room to work with, it’s important to remember that simple accessory updates can go a long way in altering the look and feel of a basic outfit, without taking up a ton of room. Think about adding small accessories like colorful scarves, interesting sunglasses, bold statement necklaces or even colorful tights (weather permitting) if you need to include outfit updates without taking up too much room.

Do Your Research

For experienced personal stylists this is an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how many travelers forget to check the weather forecast right before they head out. Even if a certain location typically experiences sunny, clear weather during the summer, you never know when a trip will happen to fall on a rainy week. And if it does, we’re sure your client won’t be happy walking around with damp feet in open-toes sandals. Be prepared- plan their outfits ahead of time as you normally would, but make sure to check their weather forecast right before they’re about to leave and make any appropriate adjustments if necessary.