3D Modeling with SketchUp Course Mentors

3D Modeling with SketchUp Course Mentors

You will learn 3D modeler skills firsthand by having access to mentors by phone and email. They will provide feedback on your work and help you improve and grow as a 3D modeler for work in architecture or interior design.

  • Melissa Estrada

    Melissa Estrada

    Melissa is the Founder and Head Designer of Strada's Spaces, a residential interior design online-based firm. She holds degrees in Architectural Studies and Interior Architecture. She has an educational focus on Sustainable Design. She became a LEED AP for Homes in 2016. She is currently incorporating Feng Shui design in her repertoire of services.

3D Modeler Skills

Skills for 3D modeling could vary depending on the industry, project, and many other factors. A skilled 3D modeler must develop several different qualities to successfully manage the planning process and meet the needs of their clients. Here are a few skills that most modelers must develop:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Analytical
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Creativity
  • Problem-Solving
  • Adaptability

Throughout the course, our mentors will provide ways for students to improve the 3D modeling skills listed above and so many more.

About Our Mentor Program

At NYIAD, you’ll have access to a professional designer who will act as your teacher and mentor.

You will benefit from a personal relationship just like you would get in the classroom. Our mentors are there to answer your questions via phone or email at every turn.

In addition, you will submit projects throughout the course which will be evaluated by your teacher. They are there to help you improve as you master the craft.