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Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

By Michelle Ecker on October 10, 2018

Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

If you’re an aspiring event planner looking to grow your portfolio, planning holiday-themed parties can be a great way to get some practice. From coordinating color schemes and planning décor to finalizing a budget and picking out menu items, holiday party planning gives you an awesome opportunity to practice all these basic elements of organization and preparation. Not only that, by documenting the process and taking some nice photos of your finished work, you’re also building a beginner’s event planning portfolio that you can then share with potential paying clients in the future.

Just in time for Halloween this year, we’ve developed a simple round-up of our favorite DIY food and décor options to spark your creativity.

A Monstrous Menu

When it comes to themed parties, it’s especially important to incorporate the motif as much as possible throughout the day- including on the menu. Here are some seasonal snacks worth experimenting with on your 2017 Halloween party menu:

Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

Via Inspiring Pretty

Guacamole is a simple, easy-to-make party staple that guests are always happy to see on the buffet table. Spice up your presentation in a spooky way this year with this clever jack-o-lantern DIY.

Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

Via Beautifully Bella Faith

Here’s another quick way to take an everyday appetizer essential to the next level simply by putting some extra thought into how it will be displayed. If you’re grossed out by the idea of dumping your veggie dip directly into a hollowed-out pumpkin, simply pick out a small bowl, then buy a pumpkin in which (once hollowed-out) it can easily fit inside.

Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

Via Babble

One of the easiest ways to make a handmade cocktail (or mocktail) look professional is to spend some extra time on the garnish- and this is one of the easiest options we’ve seen this year. Simply fill up an ice cube tray, then drop some spooky plastic spiders into each watery cube before you freeze.

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Disturbing Décor

In addition to any fall home décor you’ve already put out for the season, it’s important to add some special pops of Halloween-inspired looks throughout the space where your guests will be spending time.

Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

Via Brit+Co

This DIY looks absolutely adorable and can be made within minutes (not to mention its super budget-friendly). Turn simple orange and white balloons into ghoulish ghosts or friendly jack-o-lanterns with a little creativity and a black sharpie.

Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

Via The Kitchn

Want to hand out party favors to your guests? With this awesome idea, yours can double as table setting décor. Grab a handful of see-through plastic gloves and fill them with whatever type of candy you like. Add some plastic costume jewelry around the filled glove’s ring finger and lay them around the table for a mysterious (and tasty) treat every guest can throw in their bag on the way home.

Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

Via Domino

This option is an event-planner’s favorite for the more chic and stylish Halloween parties on your calendar. This DIY couldn’t be easier, but looks incredibly elegant. Just fill up a handful of large, clear balloons, then once filled, wrap them in black tulle for a romantic yet ghostly effect.

Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

Via ElleDecor

This is another fabulous décor option for your more sophisticated Halloween soiree. For a few months leading up to your event, hold onto any empty glass bottles you may have handy. Check out this DIY for a quick tutorial on cleaning them out and removing the labels- then simply add some skinny, sophisticated candlesticks inside to create an elegant haunted-mansion vibe.

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