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Inside NYIAD's Jewelry Design Course

By Nicole Krempasky on February 08, 2021

Inside NYIAD's Jewelry Design Course

Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of art and decoration. Used as a method of identification and expression, early civilizations often decorated themselves in bones, antlers, and animal tusks. As time went on, later generations turned to precious metals and gemstones to adorn themselves, eventually developing into the multi-billion dollar industry we know today. But the beautiful pieces you see in shop windows take a lot of time and effort to create. While creativity is a necessary element, jewelry designers have a process or outline to follow in order to turn an idea into a tangible, wearable item. A good design course can provide the proper education for aspiring jewelry designers to learn the process, hone good skills, and earn the right credentials for success.  

What Can I Learn from NYIAD’s Jewelry Design Course? 
The jewelry design course at NYIAD can prepare you to master both basic and advanced concepts of jewelry design and making. You’ll review the history of jewelry and its importance, then moving on to the basic tools and materials needed to create your designs. There are also classes to help improve your artistry and creativity, such as design and color, trends, and how to find inspiration. NYIAD knows, though, that there’s much more that goes into a career as a jewelry designer, so you’ll also explore the professional elements needed to start your career. Explore proper budgeting and copyright laws, as well as how to build your brand, photograph your work, and sell online at craft shows. 
In addition to the opportunity to learn the basic skills needed to sell your work, you’ll receive the supplies to complete a series of design projects so you can put your new-found knowledge into practice which can then be used as the basis for your portfolio. The entire time, you’ll study online, at your own pace, under the guidance and mentorship of professional jewelry designers. You’ll be able to tailor your schedule to your needs, so your education works for you. 

What Can I Do with a Certificate in Jewelry Design  
Though an education in jewelry design isn’t always needed to get started, entry level designers can gain an advantage in the workforce by earning a certificate in jewelry design. This qualification shows potential employers that you not only have talent, but the knowledge and commitment to your craft. Aspiring jewelry designers can start their careers by working in smaller, family-owned retail stores or larger chain jewelers, eventually progressing towards big-name companies and designers. As well as designing, you’ll be on the path towards earning the skills needed to assist with needed repairs on existing pieces. 

In addition to the possibility of impressing potential employers, a certificate in jewelry design can help you hit the ground running in your own business as either a full-time career or side job. You’ll have less to learn ‘on the job’, with regard to both design and business, saving you valuable time. 

Want to Enroll in NYIAD’s Jewelry Design Course? 
If you’re ready to start learning the fundamentals of jewelry design affordably and online, you can start any time you’re ready. With NYIAD’s self-paced, online classes, there are no start times or due dates, so you can sign up whenever you’re ready. Call 1-800-583-1742 to speak with a student services representative or enroll online now.

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