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3 Perfect Valentine’s Party Hacks

By Michelle Ecker on February 02, 2018

3 Perfect Valentine’s Party Hacks

If you hope to become a professional event planner someday, themed holiday party planning is always a perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills, grow your portfolio and gain some experience. If you haven’t already started developing a design portfolio, party planning such as this is a great opportunity to snap some photographs to showcase your event planning creativity and attention to detail.

This Valentine’s Day, here are some super simple creative ideas to use if you’re planning a themed event:

3 Perfect Valentine’s Party Hacks
  1. Balloon Darts

    Expecting kids at your V-Day get together? It’s always important, regardless of your expected age group turnout, to plan some coordinated activities for guests to participate in at your party. When you solely rely on guests to make conversation and entertain themselves, you’re putting a great deal of responsibility and pressure on the partygoers to facilitate their own good time. While this sometimes works, it’s not always a reliable plan. Coordinate simple activities like this to keep the party’s momentum rolling.

    For this simple DIY, all you’ll need is a handful of colorful balloons. Tape them to a heart shaped stencil and decorate some darts for an easy, inexpensive game.

    3 Perfect Valentine’s Party Hacks
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  2. DIY Chocolate Strawberry Bar

    Again, as we mentioned above, as a qualified event planner, a part of your role is to make sure your party guests are kept busy and entertained throughout the entire function- beyond their own chit chat amongst themselves. DIY menu options are a great way to incorporate some activity in the meal plan.

    Rather than laying out a pre-made buffet or serving guests as they’re seated, an interactive, decorate-your-own chocolate covered strawberry bar gives your partygoers a way to get their hands dirty and preoccupy themselves while they mingle.

    All you’ll need for this simple setup is several cartons of fresh strawberries, a handful of skewers, and an assortment of themed toppings- think pink sprinkles, edible glitter, etc.

    3 Perfect Valentine’s Party Hacks
  3. Sweet-Themed Décor

    If you don’t have a huge budget to work with, you’ll need to get creative when it comes to flirty, festive décor options. This simple DIY can be done for under $10 – all you’ll need to buy is a bag or two of Valentine’s Day themed m&m’s.

    You can use any vase or mason jars you already have. Simply fill your vase choices with m&m’s and add a handful of cheap pink and red stems from your local grocery or florist for an easy centerpiece.

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