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How Much Do Wedding Planners Make Per Wedding?

By Michelle Ecker on August 17, 2017

How Much Do Wedding Planners Make Per Wedding?

Many aspiring wedding planners reach out to us with questions about how they’ll be paid. If you’re considering making an investment in our online wedding planning course, it’s definitely worth knowing what the return will be once you start working in the field. Below we share some general, standard payment structures used to compensate wedding planners in the current market:

Wedding Consultation Price:

If you’re working as a consultant for a couple, you will typically bill your clients by the hour. This type of work basically consists of you and the clients having some meetings together in which you, as the local industry expert, answer any questions they may have about their big day. From coordinating the perfect color scheme to picking the best local caterer to fit their budget needs, you are spending time with them as an expert there to point them in the right direction as they essentially plan their own event with your guidance.

If a couple ever schedules a consultation with you, this is a great opportunity to showcase your industry knowledge, your strong experience and reliable relationships with vendors in the area. By demonstrating your understanding and dependability throughout this meeting, you’re highly increasing the chances that said couple will feel more secure simply booking you for some additional services rather than going it alone. However, keep in mind that the clients are paying you by the hour for your consultation and advice, not for you to pitch your services- so save that conversation for the end of the meeting, otherwise you might annoy the couple.

Generally, wedding planners charge anywhere from $40-$70 per hour for their consulting services. This number also depends on where in the world your firm is located. If you work in a more metropolitan area like New York City, market rate will be more like $100-$200 per hour. Before naming your price, look up some local wedding planners who already have established businesses, check how much they charge, and try to offer something similar.

Day-Of Wedding Coordination Price:

If a couple decides to hire you for Day Of Coordination, this means that again, the couple will likely be planning the majority of the event without your help, but they would like you there on the big day to offer help in any way you can. You’ll help with things like creating the day’s schedule, coordinating with vendors to ensure timeliness and seamless delivery and setup, etc. Most wedding planners charge anywhere from $600-$900 for this service. However, if you’re working in a metropolitan area, this price would likely be more like $1,200 - $2,000. When naming your price, it’s also worth fluctuating slightly depending on the event itself. If the wedding will be fairly small and held all in one location, you might consider charging less than if it’s a huge number of guests who will be moving from place to place between the ceremony and reception.

Full Service Wedding Planning Cost:

If the couple wants to hire you for a full service wedding planning, this is where you’ll make the most money. These clients are essentially giving you full creative control of the big day- from developing the aesthetic concept to executing it day-of. Full service planners recommend all the vendors, the venue options, the décor, sometimes even the attire. If you’re hired to plan a wedding full-service, you should charge $2,000-$3,000 if you’re in a more rural area, but upwards of $10,000 depending on your location’s market and the wedding size. If you’re a NYIAD student and you’re not sure how much to charge potential clients for your services, just call your mentor, explain the details of the event and we’ll help you develop the perfect pricing model.