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Can You Get Certified in Home Staging?

By Michelle Ecker on June 21, 2018

Can You Get Certified in Home Staging?

If you want to make a profit by staging client homes for sale, you should do some research to determine the educational and certification procedures required before you get started.

Most importantly, in order to succeed as a home staging specialist, you need to develop a professional eye for interior design and organization. Concepts such as function, mood, style and harmony are all ones you should understand, all in juxtaposition with a job scope and budget. Beyond these basics, you should also have a comprehensive understanding of the following interior design theories before you consider applying for formal certification:

If you’re considering taking a comprehensive home staging course that covers all these necessary details, be sure to find one that’s recognized by a professional organization such as the Designer Society of America (DSA).

If you’re a NYIAD student, your home staging course is fully certified by the DSA, meaning all our home staging students and graduates are eligible to receive their Certified Home Staging Professional (CHSP) credential.

Although this certification is entirely optional, and we don’t require students to apply if they feel confident to begin working without one, there are several reasons why certification can be beneficial to your career growth.

Firstly, earning any type of additional professional certification, regardless of the field you work in, demonstrates to colleagues and potential clients that you have a serious commitment to your craft, a healthy desire to grow your knowledge, and a promise to ensure that your skills are refreshed and up to date industry standards.

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