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Our AutoCAD students are eligible to take Autodesk’s AutoCAD Certified User Certification exam. This exam is the industry’s premier certification. It is offered as an optional add-on, at a price of $125 (you save 10% off the full cost of this certification by purchasing it with your NYIAD Course).

Throughout our online AutoCAD certificate prep course, students will be able to complete a series of practice test to help you prepare for the certification exam. You will be tested on your knowledge of AutoCAD, all of the skills that are taught in the course. At the end of the course, you will be directed to schedule your certification exam. First you’ll have to get your access code from the school. From there you can schedule an exam at a local testing center. You get two tries to pass the test. When you do, you will be an AutoCAD Certified User (ACU).

Why Get an AutoCAD Certificate?

  • Stand out from the crowd – your AutoCAD certification will help you get a job or sign clients
  • Demonstrate your skills – prove that you have the skills taught in the online AutoCAD certification prep course
  • Earn a respected certification – becoming an AutoCAD Certified User shows your colleagues and clients that you’ve made a serious commitment to your career path

Take this important step toward the career of your dreams today! When you click the "Register Now" button below you'll be directed to our enrollment page where you can sign up for the course and add certification in Step 3. Certifications are not refundable after 14 days from enrollment date

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